Roland reveals System-100 Plug-Out Software Synthesizer

Roland AIRA System-100 Plug-Out Software Synthesizer

Roland has released another member of the AIRA Plug-Out synth family. The System-100 Plug-Out Software Synthesizer is a modern reproduction of Roland’s now-legendary semi-modular System-100 monosynth. Designed for use with Roland’s System-1 and 1m, as well as DAW hosts, the new System-100 uses Analog Circuit Behavior to faithfully recreate every detail of the warm, expansive sound of the original. The features of the original Model 101 Synthesizer and Model 102 Expander are now combined into a single interface, allowing patch-free use of both VCOs, both LFOs, S&H, Ring Mod and more. The signal path can be altered and parameters modulated by connecting virtual cables between the patch points. A new 14×15 Routing Matrix offers super-quick patching with all connections visually reflected on the control panel. The Roland System-100 Plug-Out Software Synthesizer is available now for $195, with special pricing available to System-1/1m owners. It requires OS X 10.8.5 or later and an AU or VST plug-in host, or Roland AIRA System-1/1m hardware.

New FabFilter Pro-C 2 compressor goes full screen

FabFilter today releases Pro-C 2, a major update to their popular Pro-C compressor originally released in 2007. Pro-C 2 includes audio enhancements like new compressor styles, 4x oversampling, range, smooth lookahead, and hold controls, side chain EQ, and a completely redesigned new UI with both compact and full screen modes. An intelligent auto-gain feature means you don’t have to adjust levels manually every time you change compression. Pro-C 2 promotes its scrolling audio display to the front of the class. The compression curve is displayed right on top of it, completely relative to what you’re compressing. FabFilter Pro-C 2 is available now for $179. Upgrades are available via your FabFilter account, with discounts varying between 50% and 65% depending on the products you already own. It requires OS X 10.5 or later (10.6 for 64-bit) and an AU or VST plug-in host, or Pro Tools.

Host and sample your other plug-ins with discoDSP Bliss

discoDSP Bliss

discoDSP is soft-releasing Bliss, its new sampler plug-in. Bliss has the unique ability to host VSTi instruments in order to multi-sample them without any quality loss. It can also import Akai S5000-S6000 (AKP), SoundFont2 (SFZ/DLS/SF2), and Renoise (XRNI) instruments, as well as raw FLAC, WAV, MP3, RAW, and OGG files. External hardware instrument sampling is on the roadmap for a future upgrade. Under the hood, Bliss features 64 voice polyphony, 128 programs with unlimited zones, 32­-bit floating point based wavetables, dual Zero­-Delay Feedback filters, flexible modulation, multiple effects, a built-­in wave editor with full undo history, all in a scalable and theme-able UI. Bliss will be $99 / €89 / £59, but it is currently 50% off until the beta period ends. It requires OS X 10.8 or later and an AU or VST plug-in host.

SIR Audio Tools StandardCLIP fine tunes your overs

SIR Audio Tools StandardCLIP

SIR Audio Tools StandardCLIP is a new advanced clipping-plugin. StandardCLIP was designed to handle the clipping process as flexible as possible. You can adjust the way the clipping is done easily, like a hard-limiting brick wall or smooth soft-saturated. StandardCLIP also offers input and output RMS-meters and a waveform display for the perfect control of the output volume. Both linear-phase and minimum-phase filtering is available for up and down-sampling, with controls for quality and cut-off frequency. StandardCLIP is available now for $25. It requires OS X 10.7 or later, and an AU, VST, or AAX plug-in host.

Waves Cobalt Saphira adds depth and glue to your mix

Waves is now shipping Saphira, the first of their new Cobalt series plug-ins. Cobalt Saphira is an advanced harmonics shaping tool that lets you give your mixes analog musicality, depth and “glue” by adding rich harmonics to your tracks and separately shaping the various qualities of the harmonics you are adding. Edge and Warmth control and balance even and odd harmonics, a 4-band EQ shapes the frequency spectrum of each type of harmonics, seven different Harmonics modes present a graphical representation of the changes in harmonic structure, and five virtual tape speeds add wow-and-flutter modulation in order to give your tracks extra musicality and depth. Excelling on groups and sub-mixes and in mastering situations, this plug-in promises rich harmonic enhancement that can be creatively tailored exactly how you like it. Waves Cobalt Saphira is available now for $149, with an introductory price of $99. It requires OS X 10.7 or later and an AU, VST, RTAS, AAX or Audiosuite plug-in host.