Sinevibes Molecule is a Multi-Band Multi-Effector

Sinevibes Molecule

Sinevibes has released Molecule, its new multi-band processor Audio Unit effect plugin for Mac. Molecule allows you to split the sound into three frequency bands – low, mid, high – and pass them independently through different effects. It includes a vast array of algorithms such as comb filter, chorus ensemble, frequency shifter as well as barber-pole phaser, circuit-bent filter, digital- and analog-style distortion. Each of the three bands also gets its own tempo-synchronised modulator with multiple waveforms and realtime randomisation. Moreover, Molecule lets you store up to eight complete snapshots of itself and switch between them in realtime or via host automation.

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iZotope RX 4 Optimizes Audio Repair Workflow

iZotope RX 4

iZotope has released the next generation of its industry-standard audio repair toolkit, RX 4. iZotope’s award-winning software transforms flawed audio into pristine, usable material by removing noises, distortions, reverb, and other common audio problems. RX 4 and RX 4 Advanced incorporate significant new workflow-optimizing functionality, leaving more time for creativity in audio and video editing. For anyone in audio post production, broadcast, dialogue editing and mixing, independent filmmaking, or music production, RX 4 can make poorly recorded audio intelligible and ready for primetime.

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Eisenberg Vier Synth Emulates Doepfer MS-404

Eisenberg Vier

Eisenberg has released Vier, a software synthesizer that emulates four units of the Doepfer MS-404, a famous German monophonic analog synthesizer from the 1990′s. Even today, the MS-404 has a large fan base and is not only known to insiders. Since the original hardware was monophonic, being able to play four units polyphonic at the same time, Vier fulfills a childhood dream for many musicians.

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