u-he Presswerk is the Compressor of All Compressors

u-he Presswerk

The new u-he compressor is here! Presswerk isn’t just an emulation of single compressor, or type of compressor – it takes the ideas from all different kinds of compressors and brings them together in one powerful and intuitive interface. This lets you build your own type of compressor, or try to re-create some classic hardware devices. Presswerk is available at an introductory price of $89 until 31 December 2014. The regular price will be $129. Requires an AU, VST or AAX host DAW, OS X 10.5 and a multi-core Intel Mac.


Native Instruments Annual Free Holiday Gifts are Here

Native Instruments Happy Holidays 2014 featuring Replika

Native Instruments today announced a limited-time holiday giveaway as a “thank you” to all users. This year, producers get Replika – a high-fidelity delay effect. DJs get a total of ten free Traktor Remix Sets selected from some of the year’s top releases. Also available: A $25 e-voucher for the NI Online Shop, plus the chance to win more free gifts in a prize draw. Just don’t delay grabbing the delay. At the end of the month, Replika will cost $49 and the e-voucher will return to the North Pole.


Tracktion Marketplace is an Online Plug-in Shop in the DAW

Tracktion Software Corporation has announce Marketplace, an online instrument and effects service for Tracktion. While working in Tracktion 5.4.2 or later, you can discover, audition, purchase and download new musical assets from a wide variety of vendors, without interrupting your creative flow. Accompanying the announcement is Tracktion MasterMix, a new finishing dynamics and EQ plug-in available exclusively on Marketplace.


DMG Audio Essence Can Invisibly De-Ess a Full Mix

DMG Audio Essence

DMG Audio has released Essence, a new de-esser plug-in so powerful, they claim it can invisibly de-ess a vocal inside a full mix. Essence can also be used across the spectrum to control anything you want, from kicks to cymbals. The VST and AU plug-in is available now at £89.99, a first-month discount of 10% off. Discounts from owning other DMG Audio products can bring the price down to £71.99. Requires OS X 10.5 or later.


Arturia Matrix-12 V Recreates a Monster Classic Synth

Arturia is proud to announce availability of Matrix-12 V, which effectively emulates all the original parameters of Oberheim’s expansive (and expensive) mighty Matrix-12 analog polysynth. Arturia’s version adds monster modulation and effects options. The AAX, AU and VST compatible Matrix-12 V plug-in is available now for $169 online directly from Arturia or from any authorized Arturia dealer. Requires OS X 10.8 or later.