Roland Reveals R-MIX Remastering App

Roland R-MIX

Roland is proud to announce R-MIX, a new audio processing application that gives recording professionals and those just starting out the tools to manipulate a stereo mix audio easily, visually and intuitively in real time. Featuring the newly developed proprietary V-Remastering technology and the highly-acclaimed VariPhrase technology, R-MIX allows you to see the individual components of a stereo mix as color-coded clouds of harmonic matter and to apply effects or center cancel exactly where and as you wish within the mix.

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AMG Drops That Beat.. Producer

AMG Beat Producer

AMG today announced the release of their Beat Producer loop editing and percussion plug-in for musicians, producers, DJs and rappers. Beat Producer offers a range of powerful loop editing features to the computer musician, allows access to AMG’s huge, award-winning libraries and brings together industry standard formats, including REX files, Apple Loops and ACIDized WAV files, in one affordable package.

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