Sinevibes Turbo Goes Free For its 4th Birthday

Sinevibes Turbo - 4th Anniversary

Sinevibes is pleased to announce the fourth anniversary of its Turbo wave transformer, which was the first product in its new generation of Audio Unit plugins for Mac. To celebrate its birthday, Sinevibes is making it a free download for four days, from December 15-18. The plug-in has just been updated to version 3.1.3, bringing advanced host synchronization that supports tempo and time signature automation.

Sinevibes Singularity Puts Effects on Your Effects So You Can Effectively Effect

Sinevibes Singularity

Sinevibes has released Singularity, a new multi-effected delay Audio Unit plugin for Mac. Singularity starts with a tempo-synchronized feedback delay line capable of true stereo panning, and its tail is then sent into three extremely capable effect units connected in series.

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Sinevibes Molecule is a Multi-Band Multi-Effector

Sinevibes Molecule

Sinevibes has released Molecule, its new multi-band processor Audio Unit effect plugin for Mac. Molecule allows you to split the sound into three frequency bands – low, mid, high – and pass them independently through different effects. It includes a vast array of algorithms such as comb filter, chorus ensemble, frequency shifter as well as barber-pole phaser, circuit-bent filter, digital- and analog-style distortion. Each of the three bands also gets its own tempo-synchronised modulator with multiple waveforms and realtime randomisation. Moreover, Molecule lets you store up to eight complete snapshots of itself and switch between them in realtime or via host automation.

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Sinevibes Revs Sequential 3.0 Multi-Effect Sequencer

Sinevibes Sequential

Sinevibes is very excited to release Sequential 3.0, its completely new polyphonic multi-effect plugin for Mac. Sequential allows you to trigger different processing and synthesis algorithms in a rhythmical fashion. It features a total of 19 fine-tuned effects that filter, distort, reshape, stutter and even generate audio – all with flexibility to add gentle spice or dramatically transform any material. The sequencer has a vast number of timing and shaping adjustments, while the whole plugin stores 8 separate parameter snapshots that can be automated or switched in real time.

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