Circuit Bending with Sinevibes Malfunction Plug-In

Sinevibes Malfunction

Sinevibes is pleased to announce Malfunction, a new circuit-bending filter AU plug-in. This effect is based on a special low-pass filter that has been “circuit-bent” — that is, the algorithm has messed up internal connections and doesn’t operate normally. It produces a characterful, screaming distortion that is full of attitude and puts out various unpredictable but controllable buzzes and noises.

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Sinevibes Rolls Out Torsion Hybrid Synthesizer

Sinevibes Torsion

Sinevibes has announced Torsion, a monophonic Audio Unit instrument plug-in built upon a unique combination of multiple synthesis technologies and modulation sources, wrapped into an intuitive interface which makes working with it as fun as playing a game. It has a very distinctive, original sound character – and is ready to push your musical creativity in a fresh new direction.

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